Saturday, January 30, 2010

Touring the Seaborne Odyssey

I was invited to tour this ship as it docked in Honolulu on Thursday thanks to Susan F. "a golf friend".
It began its voyage in Florida and is going around the World for 81 days and will finish its voyage in Athens Greece where it will remain to do local cruises in the Mediterranean.

Bright burnished brass and
teak decks scrubbed
fore and aft
brandish old coin,
as it rocks gently against the dock.
The hull unlovely, as it deposits
the flotsam and jetsetters onboard
salty, from the recent rough passage.
Briefly pausing on a world tour
their papers peaking from loose pockets
as they survey the area, set for local amusement.
Led by our guide through
distinguished corridors
vacuumed and polished.
Sampling the owner’s suite
as black caviar on a cracker
settling on the back of the tongue
washed down in the Sky Lounge
with Champagne and Mimosa’s
and an hors d'oeuvre
of delicate
orange salmon

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