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Grimm Expectations

I touched death's hand
and peeled back my crying skin
ready for death’s inspection
prepared to barter.

Take me instead.

I stroked death's supernatural chin
my screams
locked in the dead zone.

Death's white corpse
hovered before me
swilling foul fluids
noting my soft edges
hinting at frogs
and Biology.

I shrank
as death peeled back my lover
sliced by hot steel
selected without warning
on a haunted road
black as pitch
black as a bottomless pit
my love dead
by the splash.

I slept through my dark daze
a zombie
death's calling card
a calling card that read
Superboy is dead
long live Lex Luthor
Your life,
your journey begins here.
The card was signed
by a Mr. Grimm.

Hawaiian Time

climbs the Stairway to Heaven taking in the view finding plenty time fo breathe, cuz! ...
Hawaiian time leaves Honolulu on a late plane to New York it will arrive bumbai. ...
New York time is waiting on Hawaiian time and promises to chill in due time.
New York time thinks Hawaiian time has two speeds slow and stop.
New York time takes a long minute to change its mind about Hawaiian time but Hawaiian time doesn’t care it expects New York time will catch up bumbai.
Bumbai: otherwise; or else; later; later on


was such a bloody bore not cancerous but a royal pain in the butt I tried to quietly endure Shush now Hilda. The stress is almost over.
So dramatic always gushing apparently, she didn't have enough color in her diet such a flood from one so dehydrated.
In fact, Hilda refused to stop her anal ways felt attacked when the doctor told her to cut back on the ice-cream cheese groan, chocolate.
Poor damaged Hilda so emphatic cited the colonoscopy as the final straw causing her to spew so profusely. Doesn't she understand that Doctor knows best now he has to operate to get her to stop being so damned bloody.
I suppose the surgeon and she will tie it together finally, giving her a chance to sit pain-free perhaps have Dr. Oz inspect her bowel movements
enabling her to alter her condition
take new pride in scribbling her S's. Her flare-ups soothed briefly by the unflappable Hazel, a witch,

The Unwanted

and destitute
crouch in a huddle
gasping at the dreaded discard aisle
as we sort through
the endless stacks of
brown, yellowed
and dusty volumes.

Some hide
dead cockroaches
insect poop.

Written on their title pages
are inscriptions to family, friends and fans.

A few hide old photos.

Delightful old bookmarks
are relegated to a particular box
later transformed into artfully decorated cards.

Now and then
we discover
a single bill
between sticky pages.

We hunt to find a first edition
or any needy rare books.

We wipe away the grime
mend the tears
unfold corners
as I try to digest a mountain of data

The orphans
are then carefully priced
counted and packed into labeled boxes
their character
further noted
by the application of various colored masking tape.
Later carted away
by the truckload
to sit inside a warehouse
where they will wait
to be rediscovered
at the annual book sale.
The lucky outcasts
polished and poised
ready to converse
with us


Bonticou Crag


Becoming Me

I am the half full cup
dark chocolate freak
sometimes friend to a bathroom scale.

I learn
that my obscurity is a good thing
that as I trip and fall
no one will see or care.

I am a notion,
a shadow,
a spot on the frame,

moving past old belief,
sometimes haunted,


I learn
that my existence is more
than filling your square pegs
coloring inside your lines
I am seeing
that you will never understand or care.

I deserve to move beyond the mess
I have become.

I have decided to heal myself,
love myself,
protect me at all times.
My eyes are wide open
my ears can hear
the snide careless whispers,
your thoughts when no one is near

I feel your doubt
it is the shroud of past judgments
wrong attitude.
I can taste your fear.
it is an acid that burns inside me
mutilating my mind.
secret places.

I existed before for your praise
as a child of a lesser god
but I am not less.
I am a miracle.
I am more than your dogma.
You do not define me.
I am free to speak
and I don’t have to make up lies

Sky Top


Pasta Italiana

Ko'olau Tears

Volcanic cliffs emerge from the mist
lush slopes
a sow with her squeakers
under a thick emerald canopy.

Tropical tears

pelt the 'aina
vine-laden limbs
spilling into streams of sticky sap
fields of yellow fruit.

Breathing new life into
the wrinkled pores
of the ancient banyan
as the Kolea wade through muddy puddles.

The goddess invoking the mana cleansing remains
cutting offensive passages,
conjuring a rainbow.

I am home.


"In Polynesian culture, mana is a spiritual quality considered to have supernatural origin—a sacred impersonal force existing in the universe. Therefore, to have mana is to have influence and authority, and efficacy—the power to perform in a given situation."

Autumn in Peters Kill


New York Botanical Garden 1


Where Is The Biggest Garbage Dump On Earth?

The Pacific Garbage Patch

should scare the hell out of you.

Originating somewhere in between Hawaii and California
it is one of seven garbage islands
spread across the world’s oceans
funneled and trapped by planetary rotation
converging ocean currents and wind, garbage that impacts all of us, garbage that can hitchhike to other parts of the globe.
Imagine barnacles attaching to floating garbage
not found in your area, infecting our native species.

 Plastic washing up on Hawaiian beaches
growing wider, thicker and more toxic every day. Containing billions of plastic pellets called nurdles commingling with phytoplankton,
mistaken for fish eggs and krill.

Plastic Confetti choking whales
and other animals.

Toxic plastic lasting 500 years into our future
causing hormone disruption, and most likely cancer, consumed up the food chain
by fish and ultimately humans.

Clean up is too costly.
The answer is to control the amount of plastic we produce.
Limit consumption.
What will …