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The road bulges gray, cynical and dusty. Spent by sugary cake eating denizens spreading the good news. By archaic beliefs spinning pious cloth. (Remember to wash before wearing.) By hell-fire fans down at the local Dollar store discounting derelict pennies who  roar once more over the obsolete Five and Dime.

Rosendale Street Festival 2014

Another Way Out

There is a way out But you are not even looking And even he despises you for it Can’t believe you are that stupid or that lazy. Woman, get out of your own way the door is unlocked. Prove them wrong Prove to yourself that you are not that lazy, beaten or that occupied.
The fields are green ripe with golden fruit Clean your eyeglasses and look Remember the full moon. Prepare for winter’s fall, But do go.
AND find your passion Breathe the salt air, taste orange glee Pick the pink wild flowers Place them gently in your hair and sway to the rhythm of your purple heart.
Put down the crying towel it is meant for another It is meant to be a temporary solace a place to reflect pool your options dream and finally, to turn away from.
Open the door