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Powerful Words – Opening Doors is a Poetry Slam Dunk!

Prepare to be inspired, aroused and LOL!  Powerful Words – Opening Doors is a Poetry Slam Dunk!The production begins with a skit in the tradition of Saturday Night Live.  Add in six Author interviews sprinkled throughout, fourteen brilliant performances and we are LIVE, HAWAII!  
This time, I‘ve invited my friends, who have powerful and passionate things to say, that have overcome obstacles and opened a few doors of their own. Women who ROCK!  
Heavyweights like my  friend,  Kumu Hula, Anita `Ilima Kauka Stern who has has agreed once again to bless and  open the Pen Woman conference at Punahou this March. My old friend, Kathryn Waddell Takara, a highly accomplished author andretired UH professor, who has a distinctive voice and style and my new Pen Woman friend, Marcia Zina Mager, who does an inspiring RAP that you just have to hear!  Another of my W.C.C. Writing Retreat friends, Peggy Baxter Barnhardt, joins us to share about being a slam judge and her thoughts on the homeless situatio…

First Thursdays- Loft in Space 2-2-12