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Great Horned Owl


Mohonk Preserve-A Love Song

Mohonk Preserve is my church,
a photographer's dream.
I return to craft moments capture memories blaze trails its pastoral beauty quiets my mind lets my spirit soar high above the sweaty rocks glistening in the mid-day sun.

I return to scramble Giant’s Path Rock Rift Bonticue Crag.
I celebrate in the snakes gliding through Duck Pond while I sit and snack on wild blueberries.
I rejoice in Raptors posing on ledges taking flight watching us, watch them.
I witness the devotion of my fellow hikers reflected in pools beneath waterfalls the cool mist as it soothes tired spirits the wild beauty that surrounds us all.
I return to the land to witness Spring’s trillium erectum wild ginger, bloodroot all stalwart parishioners.
I return to the land to cross Summer’s Rhododendron Bridge disappear into a cloud of pink and white mountain laurel.
 I return to the land to gaze at Autumn’s red oak mountain ash sugar maple leaves ablaze red, orange and yellow, to marvel at the revelation without and…

Political Ticks

One may misinterpret this lone star tick for another do not be so hasty. If he is allowed to rule that may be your last self-governing choice.
Make no mistake this tick is tricky and nasty it can and will make you sick. Not to be mistaken for the deer tick or the brown dog tick which is something else entirely?
This spangled lone star tick has orange hair and bigly incisors which it sharpens on a wit tick a new tick on the block not funny at all it has an even smaller stick if you get my drift which I sense is why this Lone Star lacks any standards at all.
Don’t let it kiss your babies.
In my unbiased opinion this tick will only trick the nitwits infecting us all with nervous Party ticks.

Skytop Hike