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American Lady Butterfly on Coreopsis


Spirit Mana

I hear them whisper
in the gentle trade winds
in the grunt of the wild
boar, the high-pitched mating call of the coqui.

I see them
in the blood moon
the double rainbow
in the mist against the folding
emerald cliffs of the Ko'olau.

I taste them
in the freshly caught pan fried mahi-mahi
a tropical papaya
tangy mango.

I smell them in
the white gardenia
the orange blossoms
the plumeria I place behind my ear.

I feel them buzzing
my ankles
scurrying sideways in the white sand
between the sharp coral
in the gentle rain.

They watch as I wait for you to return safely.

They watch the dogs chase
after wild chickens
the koi feed on fat
The bullfrogs sing.

They watch They accept. They smile.
They are here with me the ‘Aumakua, guardian ancestors

Duck Pond


Gertude's Nose, September 2015

Three Monkeys

At a recent Word Cafe picturespassed around the room are designed to rouse our inner writer briefly displaced during the heady pursuit of summer activities.
The picture I received depicted three monkeys cutting hair. I imagined myself in the barber’s chair the lucky recipient of said haircut and may I add fully conscious, trusting and completely insane.
Wary to See Hear and Speak No EVIL about these darling monkeys, because Ilike monkeys.
Also, being very superstitious
I have learned from my past not to let the unlicensed whether human or monkey anywhere near my delicate scalp.
Yeah, I let them cut my fucking hair.
However, suffering as I do from chronic stupidity a condition passed down to me from that anonymous side of the family I tend to forget life’s little lessons.

Consequently, my existence is a series of 50 first dates and crooked bangs
each day beginning with familiar strangers and events. Each day rife with frustrations such as What was the Name of that Movie that Author, and more to the poin…

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