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Rock Rift Scramble and Mohonk Mountain House, Lake and Gardens


Intimate Moments

I feel your saliva dripping onto my big toe as you lean up against me and belch. I rub your neck, massage behind your ears staring at the Ko'olau Mountains breathing in the pink Plumeria blossoms as we both listen to the caw, caw, caw, of Petey the Peacock perched on the neighbor's roof.
Thursdays are special in our datebook.
Me climbing ladders, shaving coconut palms with my chainsaw trimming the Be-Still bushes, training them into a hedge.
You inspecting the heap smelling the fallen coconuts and then chasing the cooing doves feasting on your forgotten dinner.

Me stuffing green bins with yard waste.
You ears back standing on the wall behind the fence as the giant yellow truck swallows their contents and burps, farting around the bend.

We fit you and me.
You sniffing and alert.
Me smearing citronella leaves on my arms, your butt, and our legs shielding us from the mosquitos at dusk, while relaxing at the fire pit, listening to KCCN Hawaiian 105.9. Both of us, still frisky unleashed in paradise.