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Super Moon

My fur also rises

I shiver under her power and shake resolute.
Resolute and insatiable.
As shifting tides, yield to a Super Moon bathing unabashed in a hammerhead bay in the Pacific.
Sister Moon placid, as she slices through blackout curtains.
Until I witness her spirit here in the Northeast.
I am a wild thing
and she is a flirt.

As she straddles cool peaks and crags and I find myself drawn to her again.
As I howl at her blood-red form

Wonderland- A Look Back

Alice remembered when reason  wouldn’t stop her from escaping into the cold black night. Far from should have and know better because those pricks still loved to spoil her fun.
They often trailed behind  hissing there would be hell to pay for this, that and the other.
Prompting her to run even farther and resolve that this time she’d make it to someplace better.