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A Fresh Impression

Maybe I should pull it out of my ass; the unwritten memoir the poems the pain the not soon-to-be forgotten winter that refuses to end.
My friend  said she would shoot herself in the face except for the dog her personal savior who lost weight this winter loves to dance in the snow the white powder glistening on its wet nose, shepherd’s rescued tail, shiny fur swaying me to strip off my inner gloom and take that first nose-dive  into the past.
Into the still stark white as I strain squeezing out excrement, snot and saliva as black letters bleed-out across the page combing through the drift shaking off the bad    compressing it all into a snow angel its fragile wings broadcasting a somber  joy emerging playful  and puckish plummeting    headlong     into the mound.

Anthony Robbins - self help

A Weedy Return

Lodged between a healthy seedling and a slowly decaying sharp bromeliad lay a tangled web of Impatiens. Take heart, one twitches when steady is required a further adjustment there, no THERE. Their shaken world will either align or give up the ghost.

Sweet Persephone

Like Persephone   I wait for Spring,     to burst can one exchange,   one’s cloth, clay heart Rewind to,      once was get a do over flower, or
stop falling.
Cornelia DeDona3-2-14

Inspired by Start by Jean Gallagher: Persephone(2)