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Icicles in Snow


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Long suffering Oracle your circle cages the Vixen in me Encompassing past truth; consuming reality. …… I loved you so completely I just couldn’t live with you No one could.
Sorry, I don’t remember last Valentine’s Day Hopelessly addicted to the roller coaster; you awakened something in me
 I could not control despite your insistence I fought long and hard to penetrate the frost and now your love  pales in the snow drift I shovel through carving new pleasure and pain
ski fresh powder
flawless and persuasive.

Mind Games

Do you think you are a good person, you demand of the liberated me your scream howling between the porous legs of present and past  as you carp about terror, truth and stunted lives
as you try to saw through my last nerve
as skinny, slant eyed whiskey whores parade through purple haze gorge on your coffers tramp through your lies nightmare channel briefly appeasing you with their sweet meats and clotted cream
as the clock strikes past twelve as you curse in bold print dripping swear that you are a good person.