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Meadow Pause Revisited Book Giveaway

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Connie D at Mohonk Mountain House 2013

Awesome place, we had fun! Shopped at three shops and had complimentary Tea and cookies, yummy!

Embracing My Winter: inspired by, Winter Practice by Jean Gallagher from her book, START

Embracing the Dark I extend my arms from horizontal embrace the dark spaces trace its kiss It stretches me pulls me deeper into its hollow beyond the now beyond this solitude.
The Quest I ask You answer The mysteries hover We slip in and out of the dark. Fact checking googling, getting scroogled remembering forgetting posing as scientists mining beliefs digging up dead cultures amidst the ruins amidst our ruining temples playing our parts playing with the gods.
© Cornelia DeDona 12-13-13

December Muse

It is December And the days flicker by in reel time As the pencil thin browns weathered grays traced in white maternal pause shielding the palette of young green, purple, red, orange, and yellow,   snuggled under leafy blankets dreaming of Hawaii and a resurgence beyond the icy blast.

©12-4-13 Cornelia DeDona

Navigating Change: Making A Difference hosted by Connie D. with Special ...