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A Meddler’s Fate

They placed them there
in two pretty boxes
high on a shelf
one for him
and one for her
their bones still warm
they set them there.

And when the mood arose

they took them down
and MADE them
to clown around
reminding them again
of their place
on the ground.

Once fearful
they slapped down some coin
and purchased two locks and two tiny keys
and drilled two patterns with such great  care
pronounced once more to the poor trapped pair
that they wouldn’t grow much
way up there
Or get too wild
with so little air
permanently sealed
in their chronic despair.

Then continued to feed them

Requiem for a Star

Yesterday we remembered and honored Dad.

Requiem for a Star
He died, just short of his 80th Birthday
survived by Mom, their three daughters, three son-in-laws, four grandchildren and one great grandson
so we stand here today in his garden
to pay our last respects
and to remember
the funny,
I’ll finish it tomorrow
lovable despot, that we called Dad.

He used to tell me
“Don’t touch me, I’m a star”
and I believed him.
I aimed high
and I followed my star to Hawaii
where I raised a family and flourished.
He expected great things
from his offspring
and we produced, as good offspring do.
And I oft times wondered if it was enough
I think it was, because Mom tells me so!

So we gather to remember the good
to heal, to reconcile the past.
We gather to laugh, shake our heads
to raise our glasses
and toast
the loose boards
hanging wires
half driven nails
and let us not forget
the bamboo, the sumac, and the poison ivy
because in spite of it all
he stayed long enough to
know, love and praise his four precious grandchildren
Jason, …