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Because The EARTH without ART is just "EH"

**This poem was inspired by a T-shirt design—I bought the shirt! I am also trying to convince certain people of the importance of POETRY!
Because The EARTH without ART is just "EH".
They say that ART will weigh heavy on their plate that they have to scale back, that ART will have to wait Maybe things will change, sometime down the pike Maybe HELL will freeze or just go take a hike The World without a poem is gonna suck BIG TIME ADMIT IT can you FACE, this world without a Rhyme? So listen Mister please, have a little HEART And contemplate my drift let’s SAVE a place for ART COS if you take the ART out of E A R T H All that’s left are two letters; all that’s left is “EH”. They want to get to basics they still don’t know the way they think that Aristotle and Plato played with clay but the world without their thinking without their ART is “EH”. They think that Science rules that RELIGION will save the day that man can live on mere hard work but that is not HIS way For MAN is only human and needs to …

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Fantastic Plastic Posted on December 17, 2012 In today's consumer world, plastic is everywhere—from plentiful stores of bottled water to disposable plasticware to the containers that hold our store-bought food. It seems like you can't go out shopping without running into a good deal of plastic. And while this material is strong, reliable, and undoubtedly useful, we also may have way too much of the stuff that isn't being reused. Recycling plastic uses much less energy than creating new plastic, and it conserves our valuable resources. Despite this, however, only about a third of our material that could be recycled actually is. Among younger generations, the problem of our overconsumption of plastic has been prevalent for as long as some can remember, and yet little has changed or progressed in alleviating the problem. Statistically, people in the Millennial generation (today's high schoolers, college students, and young adults) are much less likely to properly recycle p…

Victoria’s Irresistible's

Forget Victoria’s Secret It is December 10th and I  am chewing on a homemade cookie called IRRESISTIBLE I KID YOU NOT! I’m chewing and swallowing the yummy goodness and my mouth hell, my nose and my taste-buds are drunk, in the after fresh baked glow of granola, organic oats chocolate chips dried cranberries almonds vanilla organic cane and brown sugar and did I mention chocolate chips? And butter organic flour baking powder baking soda and salt so SCREW THE DIET and tomorrow I’m eating another damn COOKIE!

Dear Santa- (Explicit)

Can I pick yea brain? sing yea refrain catch dat train to a minty fresh glade on a fresh escapade schlepping  wit ju or OUT on a date
Schlepping wit ju?
Sounds like a slur of either Mexican or Jewish intent and dat is not what I meant to say It’s CHRISTMAS, Okay!
Santa better check dat list I think you may’ve MISSED my name while I was singing yea refrain on dat train from Spain which stays mainly on da plain and it’s stays RAININ not snowing which BLOWS big time when you’re old and cold and have a fixed income
AND JEESH dose antlers are making me want to chain you up and ride you like a horse but I promised to behave this month, Santa SHHH, steady!
So the MALL is DAT WAY go hop in yea sleigh and I’m a size six and I like blue and purple and gold and shiny tings hearts and flowers ivory towers not chicken wings or old smelly T-shirts.
BUT after thirty odd years of blood, sweat and tears of cradles and vomit blue moons and comets I still prefer schlepping and schtupping and some other stuff I can’…

Diamond Head Hike with Connie D., Tommy D. & Mike D.


Hawaiian Sunrise