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Chicken Scratch in Midweek


Remembering High School

Remembering High School
We asked for birth control they gave us crowd control. We blew their minds rewrote the rules retraced the chalk lines FAR the FUCK OUT Can you dig it?
We grew up with Nixon, Tricky Dick Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice We explored our feelings, ignored curfews experimented with drugs, sex, rock and roll So sure we could change the world hanging out in our string bikinis down by the town pool drenched in iodine and baby oil SO RED, SO BROWN, SO COOL.
Here’s to hanging out on the wall in front the High School checking it out as streakers flashed by as red necks chased queers for fun to draftees sent to `Nam with a gun from the hippie that dodged to Canada and split to the trailer trash DICK-- screwing jailbait chicks na├»ve chicks that bought the white picket lie and snatched a rotten slice of  the American pie.
Here’s to Peace the Beatles, the Rolling Stones the fuel rationing in ‘73 the boy who stole our heart in September the one they drafted in November when we were so groovy, gullible.

Chicken Scratch:Bridging the Gap A Poultry/Poetry Slam

Chicken Scratch: is Poetry, Dance, Music and just plain FUN!!

"Why did the Chickens cross the Bridge? To get to the Poultry Slam, of course!" 
"Why do Chickens scratch dirt? Concrete is too hard on their nails" ~ Connie DeDona

Chicken Scratch is also a PSA on GM (genetically modified) food

Protect yourself; YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! Choose Non-GM food
There are four major GM foods: soy, corn, cottonseed, and canola. They entered our food supply about 12 years ago and are likely contributing to the deteriorating health of Americans. Without any human clinical trials or post-marketing surveillance, we can't tell which declining health statistic may be due to these foods. But we also can't afford to wait to find out. GM foods must be removed from our diet now. To learn which foods are genetically modified and how better to protect yourselves, visit:

Connie DeDona