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Happy Halloween

Punch in punch out the freak that glares from a dark niche crimson canines bared tongue trickling verbose.
Verbose morose fat toad bluster soaked dripping cad is quite mad drops now from rafter  crawls on
Crawls on past old paint flakes reflecting on dinner in the old clapboard haunted house spider.

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I stuffed them all down like a good little girl urged to swallow her medicine.
Raw red meat in a black and white world.
Tender tongues twisted and ripped-out like an old rubber band.

As their groans splashed crimson across my reckoning
distracted by my next meal as a mad ghoul lunges past me,down this dark corridor.



Parkia Timoriana- Fabaceae-Pea Family



I’m moving on past the old boundaries of I do not do that I don’t think I can I’m too old and I’m afraid.
I’m plotting a new course steering clear of old distractions three steps forward two back taking the time to listen and learn.
Pressing on because I MUST and sidetracked because I hunger for what is comfortable choosing safety quelling my passion.
AND yet, I thirst to make a difference to leave my mark to plant a seed, my seed in the wild weed-ridden misconstrued fields. Hoping to turn wildflowers into diamond pink petals and lavender lined gardens into a redolent harvest of hybrid teas.
My arms open willing to absorb the risk stir in a bit of pain, discomfort. I step up into judgment reaching out past the wise ones the kupuna who have led me up to this place the highest, most precious peaks in the shadow of the Koolau spreading their velvet-green robes beyond my self-imposed self-absorbed limits crowning present possibilities seated upon this pivotal throne.

Titanic Artifact Exhibition

Permission granted come aboard the Titanic
cruise unsinkable.


Dreaming about the day when I am a superstar can only take me so far and then what? Will I magically transform into a superhuman being save lives inspire rewire the cosmic hard drive? How will it change our universe reflect refract belch suck up expand in a meaningful way? and to whom and for what purpose? Does anyone REALLY know and see the BIG picture? There are literally thousands of theories bombarding us everyday electrons protons atoms smashing splitting all around us it’s amazing that we can HEAR decipher anything at all. Anything viable that is over the concussion percussion discussion Maalox Taxes Medical bills Unemployment Drug addict superstars ENABLING doctors Food borne illnesses Egos of giant corporations selling us one last pull on the MEGA BUCK machine. Now concentrate stay with me This is it! Don’t waste it you can almost taste it on the tip of your tongue and then… it’ll be gone. In the meantime you'll pick yourself up dust yourself off and continue to play t…

Sunrise 10-13-11



Copy this down but only take credit for what is yours something I heard repeatedly in school.
 Stick it don’t pick it on the wall from the ground where the moon don’t shine.
Paste your words and your turds on a visible sheet separate the wheat from the chaff and laugh don’t frown lift your chins stretch your neck because heck it just ain’t pretty anymore.

Inspire don’t tire or get stuck in the quagmire of   forlorn torn and unglued.
Paint don’t faint from that beer or good cheer staring at the belly of jelly in the bottom of your glass fat bass.

The Difference is ME

The difference is ME not some world that you hang on a chain around your neck that stiffly smiles indifferent.

Don't Suck-- Spit

You know the spiel.
Get inspired
Write about something that moves you
Paint using vivid images
And if you can’t
at least have the good sense
to make it short.
Sell it
Show some cleavage
Leave them wanting more
And If you are lucky enough and talented enough to get noticed
go to the awards ceremony, celebrate
But don’t let it get to your head
Stay humble
afterwards go home and
write something else.
Stick with what you know
stick with what works.

Scratch that,
It really doesn’t matter
what subject you choose
it isn’t even the style you use
all that really matters is if
anyone else cares
or can relate to your
drivel, I mean
take spit for instance.
Yeah—you heard me….SALIVA.

Now let’s show what would happen
 if I spit on the sidewalk…
Or—if you’d rather go first
I’ll wait.

it wouldn’t be as interesting though
as if I spit in your face
now would it?

I mean
think about it
what  could you create with spit
maybe take a stick
a little paint
some canvas
an old T-shirt
It might translate into s…

Just This

Love means
I’ll help you pack then prepare your dinner but stress me out and I will eat your young.

Red Dawn

The sun winks red-faced
on its upward climb chased by sultry hounds slobbering wet kisses drenching the cracked brown earth snaking a path to the sea.
Two dendrobiums snatched by teething pair chomped discarded alone.
The culprits soon jailed by a critical gust curling hot on their red heels.


Perky banks minutes
pens animated haiku time for pedicure.

Pregnant with Possibility

Mother Earth 
orbits the Sun
pregnant with the seed of life.
Papa Moon glows
rocking the vast oceans 
flexing his muscles
at the growing
he has considered 
since the ancient of days
in this vast playpen growing, multi-hued and
littered with the debris of self absorbed toddlers.

Time passes filling the void
pressing against the outer limits
stretching, kicking, gurgling and cooing
Until...Uncle-- Papa cries, finally
shaking his head
fixed on  a yellow star
as it transforms into a red dwarf and explodes 
ripping a black hole
into the silk wall 
silhouetting space time 
inhaling all, including Mama and her afterbirth 
extruding still, new dimensions
on an infinite cycle 
alive with possibility.

Love in the Time of Compost

Love allows that even a clothes horse  can have an off day
and knows when to put the blinders on.

Love bows at the sacrificial altar
of burnt beyond recognition
with a branded tongue.

Love relaxes with the Kama Sutra
inhaling a strawberry soufflé
sensually whipped.

Love lets you have first dibs
on the massage chair
kneading and pummeling your
way to RELIEF---
then hands you a post hole digger
to plant a 3' tree.

Koolau Vew


Coconut Palm




My Memoir

Memoir I feel something impossibly small that might be pain
as I slide a piece of paper under everything my mother said. *from Curses and Wishes by Carl Adamschick—Winner of the 2010 Walt Whitman Award
My Memoir offers no salve only a shrug and logic.
Everything hangs on perception even the dawn.