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25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy

Some great tips to get you in the right mind or left...Whatever!!

25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy


They all mean well they are just busy.
Don’t you love that word #BUSY? It’s the #trending excuse for not prying.
To answer one of your many questions and address your temporary state of un-busyness; I am happy with my choices finally. Yes, life is short and winter is fast approaching and twill be cold outside in the frigid North. Thankfully, I am not homeless or penniless or winter would be dreadful indeed. Got to run now
I am  #busy.

Balls to the Wall


Leaving Neverland

What stopped me all the time was the lack of cash the self-doubt the fear that I wouldn’t make it on my own You assured me of that.
Everyone including your mother, warned me to put some money away because even though I was in love and blind they know how you are. I reasoned that the time was not right that perhaps if I gave it a chance I would change you or even see things from your point of view but that never happened.
On countless occasions when you snowed me I had decided that I must be insane to doubt you. After all you were a good provider and always right even when you were wrong you were right because you told me so. And I being the younger less mature one I would have to abide by that fact unless of course I could come up with some hard facts of my own I didn’t. I wanted so much to believe.
I gave up on myself when I met you Your master plan was to shape me into a Wendy I just had to cooperate I didn’t I fought you tooth and nail You told me to just do it and not to th…

Treading Water

I am in awe most of the people I meet at readings must’ve known Jesus, walked down those same streets carried his cross up to Golgotha because their words have power their speech is charismatic  perhaps one of the apostles recruited them to pen their book in Acts they couldn’t possibly be from the mean streets of Gotham couldn’t know the Batman or have visited Wayne manor in their Rolls Royce I am humbled at the mastery of syntax the quiet juxtaposition metaphor magic As they deign to glance in your direction ethereal in their gray horn rimmed specs stained teeth so hard core and so frighteningly real.
©10-14-13 Cornelia DeDona
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Hugh Howey’s Top 10 List of Counterintuitive Tips for Self-Publishers
Hugh Howey with a Wool poster in the London Underground.
1. Asking people to buy your book doesn’t work. Instead, try to entertain or enlighten with your Facebook posts and tweets.

2. The people who sell your books are your existing readers. Concentrate on interacting with them and being accessible.

3. There is no promotion as strong as writing the next book. None. That always comes first.

4. It doesn’t matter how quickly your book jumps out of the gate upon release. An undiscovered book remains fresh and new. You have the rest of your life to promote or gain sales, so keep writing!

5. Give your books away. You need to build up a fan base. That means free ebooks, sample chapters, and not worrying about piracy or DRM.

6. A good agent is your best friend. Even if you don’t want to sign with a publishing house, there are overseas markets and media rights that they can help you with.

7. An email…