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Silver and Gold

Mature wire hangers wrap bright silver and gold toboggan down pine needle green secure.

When ALL we can do is WRITE

“Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.”―Charles Bukowski
Sometimes I wake with a song in my heart prompted by a hearty summons of nature toot tooting down the hall pontificating its departure to the porcelain god like the conductor on an express train.
Disturbed soon thereafter by mindfulness and that first cup of JOE
by a rich heaping tablespoon of medicine from the media a slow and steady demoralization similar to  being assimilated by the BORG.
And later upon reflection I concede, as cattle quickly lulled and herded by the steady Yippie yi yo kayah being led to slaughter tunneling reality transfixed by nothing at all.

Yellow Tea Rose


Black and White

You cannot depend on your eyes
when your imagination is out of focus~ Mark Twain
Black and White
White is the shade you pull down on your eyes when I get boring as you shut your mind to the monotony and the drone of my noise. AND Black is a buzzing fly that has landed on your nose right after
he shat on top of a giant pile of dog shit.
Brown is the smear of that sticky fly with robo eyes that’s got your number and won’t die.
The dark brown stain that’s infected your brain that you can’t train or refrain from keeping in the dark.
A hot spark that lights the bench in the park that the man in the long black Rolls once sat on that you ignored floating high on your kite of white with black and brown lines that you drew and wouldn’t cross over, the same man who could’ve taken you outta all this black and white and shitty brown.
Remember him reading the paper on a bench in the park
Offering you some grey poupon for your shitty blackened brown dog pillowed in white?

Apollo - Watching the House


Bread Pudding

Pudding made from soft bread chewy raisin background dark caramel sauce dribbles down my chin.

Wrapping up the Year with a Corny Poem

I need a treetop ornament an angel a star something decorative to wrap the bald top of the tree and tacky, plastic or fake won't do. I need a special combination a mixer to swirl my feelings so they don’t disperse unnoticed.

This Christmas I am wrapping up my wishes sizing up my resolutions placing a tall order for continued health, and a truckload of happiness mixed with a heaping man shovel of joy because it isn’t about shopping at the mall exchanging cards or how original your gift is It is about the time we cement crafting our relationships eating, talking, crying and giggling because the best gifts we give and receive  freely without any wasted gravel or sand. And the water is slowly added to make sure good it is of good consistency and then it is packed down and smoothed packed down and smoothed packed down and smoothed because it takes a lifetime to to get  to the stage where they will love you no matter what you do. so keep the cement turning and don't let it dry out. …

Santa's Sandwich

Santa's sandwich got eaten
by Sally, a very large mouse
with glasses
who absolutely loves
Salami and Swiss.
Her favorite is liverwurst
with tomato and onion
but mice have to eat what they can get
so today it is Salami and Swiss
on a toasted bagel with mayo
and sliced in half for her little mouse
size mouth which never shuts up anymore
according to her spouse
and like it’s TRUE—
Sally could go on and on and on
but she won’t
`cause she needs to finish her sandwich
and Miss Manners says it’s not polite to talk with a full mouthed mouse –which has Santa’s sandwich half eaten in her mouth. And Morris, the house cat is sleeping right now and she doesn’t want to wake him up `because he is such a grouch when someone wakes him …especially when he’s in the middle of a really good mouse dream. So Sally is chewing really QUIETly - shh!!
Miss Manners also says to finish the WHOLE sandwich or Sally is going to wind up on Santa’s naughty list… because it is not good to be wastefu…


strong racy hot
warms my chilled fingertips
sharpens my mind, energizing

Rising from the Ashes

Fathoming, freeing, flowing, flowering finding the music within.

Peace and Joy

Tonight I share with you my peace. It rises early before the birds or the roosters crow.
My peace is black twinkling with the joy of a million stars with chirping crickets who hum as coffee steams  from my midnight blue mug, upon which stars also glisten, near and far.
And I savor the silence of the night the pine fresh fragrance of a noble fir dripping lavish needles and shining like a child in brand new outfit whispering her secrets to Mom and waiting in line for Santa for the magic, still to come.

Someone I Once Knew

Someone I once knew

had designer dresses
the latest fishnet stockings
got her first training bra
long before she needed one
went out with the captain of the football team
married him became a loving wife
had two kids
one boy
one girl
the boy married his high school sweetheart
the girl went to college
is earning a degree in fine arts.
Mom passed away recently from 
bone cancer
she was with her
when she passed.
She believes in GOD
because HE has been so good to her
given her everything
taken away nothing

She lives in my dream world.
in a castle in Spain
her husband
is a Prince
she is his Queen
their children
want for nothing
she lost her slipper
one night
when everyone was vacationing
in the south of France

she should have stayed home
but instead she 

played hide and seek
with a young baron from the 
northern region

Best Laid Plans

My dream for you today is that… peace is the result of your thoughts and feelings.  You are the source of joyous action. ~ Unknown
Best Laid Plans
Hello, I am calling to confirm that there is going to be a slam tonight? The name is under Shithead that’s right, S- H- I-T- H- E- A- D I’m planning to perform tonight. I’ve invited ALL MY FRIENDS. Three of which are accomplished poets and authors including me that comes to about-- eight people Yes, I’ll wait.
What? You say the place is closed? Locked up tighter than a virgin at the Playboy mansion? Didn’t I get the memo? NO--was there a memo? Okay then I guess I’m canceling yeah-- that makes nine of us. No-don’t bother putting me on your phantom poet email list. I’ve decided to hang up my fedora. I’m starting a new vocation. That’s right! From now on I’ll be taking my opinions and videoing them on You-tube. Then I’m going to sign up for belly dancing with Willow Chang. Look for me in next month’s Zen-dance video it’ll be shown at the Art…